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Faucet installations

Is your kitchen faucet leaking? Maybe its hard to turn on and off? Or maybe its just time to upgrade?

Anyway you turn we can help! Attached are a couple photos of some faucets I have installed recently.

A common oversight the average DIY-er will run into while trying to replace thier faucet is the angle stops. (the what?) the little shut off valves that supply the hot and cold water up to your kitchen faucet via two supply lines. The angle stops can "freeze" which means they have built up hard water deposits like calcium, lime etc locking up the valve. There are two main types of angle stops: First is an older style that has a gate valve that has to be turned (or screwed) many times to shut off the water supply to the faucet, second is a newer style which is a ball valve design which means it only needs to be turned 1/4 turn and baam the water is off! The problem arises when the angle stop(s) need replacement because they start leaking after you try and turn them off after they have been open for years! Then you need a special tool that removes the compression ring/nut. Sometimes you will need to sweat a new nipple on so that you can get a good bite on a new pipe. If thats the case then you need a torch, solder and flux and of course must know how to sweat copper pipe! With all that said if you need help installing your new kitchen faucet, bathroom faucet or laundry room faucet we can help! We have all the tools, expertise and materials you could need for all your small home plumbing jobs!

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